The Republic of Portugal (Portuguese: Republica Portuguesa), commonly known as Portugal or Portugal (Portuguese: Portugal, called Francois in the Ming Dynasty of China, and Macau has a translation of the Republic of Portugal), is a country on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe and it’s international The code is PT. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south, and Spain to the north and east; Cape Roca, west of the capital Lisbon, is the westernmost point of the European continent. In addition to the mainland of Europe, the Azov and Madeira Islands in the Atlantic are also Portuguese territories. Before the transfer of sovereignty in 1999 (1553 to 1999), Macau was ruled by Portugal.


National Flag

The national flag is rectangular with a ratio of length to width of 3:2. The flag surface is composed of two parts: left, green, and right. The green part is a vertical rectangle, and the red part is close to a square. Its area is one and a half times the size of the green part. The Portuguese national emblem is painted in the middle of the red and green line. The red colour represents the celebration of the establishment of the Second Republic in 1910, and the green colour represents the tribute to Prince Henry known as the “Navigator”. The main part of the national emblem is a golden armillary sphere.


National Emblem

The centre of the armillary sphere is a white shield, and five blue small shields form a cross on the shield surface. Each small blue shield has five white round forts. The five small blue shields commemorate the victories achieved by Alpinsha I who defeated the five Moorish monarchs in the Battle of Oliki; the white round fort is an ancient symbol of Portugal and also symbolizes the power of Jesus Christ to defeat the heathen. The white shield shape overlaps the big red shield. There are seven castles around the red shield to commemorate the provinces that Portugal regained from the Moors. Tan Tianyi is decorated with olive branches.


Land area: 92,345 square kilometres (110th in the world)


Capital: Lisbon