Entrepreneur Stream 188E

Entrepreneur Stream 188E

Attain Permanent Residency for you and your family within 6 – 12 months



The 188E visa is suitable for start-up entrepreneurs who have innovative business concepts and intend to develop their concepts in Australia. Applicants do not need to have business management experience and business ownership rights. They only need to carry out the business activities in Australia and meet the turnover requirements and living conditions. You can transfer to 888E permanent residence visa.



  • IELTS 6
  • Be under 55 (exempt under special circumstances)
  • Applicant, spouse and children under 23 have passed the immigration medical examination and obtained Certificates of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)
  • Nominated by the Australian State / Territory Government
  • Provide a complete business plan and set up a technology enterprise (Global Immigrate will provide assistance)
  • Have enough money to live


  Program Highlights

  • The whole family obtains a temporary residence visa within 6 months
  • Applicants, spouses and children under 23 years old can obtain Australian permanent resident status in 48 months
  • No EOI score required
  • No work experience or business background requirements
  • Enjoy the benefits of Australian residents
  • No management experience required
  • Low asset requirements, explanation of the source of assets not needed
  • No restrictions on a residential area


 Processing Time 

Approximately 6 – 12 months


After obtaining the 188E visa, the applicant needs to meet all the following conditions to apply for the permanent residence visa 888E:

  • Have held a 188E visa for 3 years and maintained the entrepreneurial project in Australia while holding the 188E visa
  • Have lived in Australia for at least 2 years before applying for permanent residence
  • Maintain the Australian State / Territory Government Nomination

And two of the following:

  • Employ at least 2 local Australians, permanent residents or other qualified personnel
  • The annual turnover is at least AUD 300,000
  • Apply for a provisional patent or obtain a standard or innovation patent
  • Get continuous funding or investment
  • Establish partnerships with universities
  • Selling a company for AUD 2 million



  1. Assessment and consultation
  2. Agreement signing
  3. Tailor-made business plan and prototype by professional team (Website or App)
  4. Submit EOI
  5. Online interview with Australia business incubator (if applicable)
  6. Accepted by the Australia business incubator (if applicable)
  7. Obtain a Letter of Support (if applicable)
  8. Nominated by the Australian State / Territory Government
  9. Approved 188E
  10. Hold a 188E visa for 3 years
  11. Meet all the visa requirements
  12. 888E permanent residence attained

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