Rural Broadband Project

Rural Broadband Project

Project Description

Virginia Everywhere, LLC, which operates under the name All Points Broadband (“APB”), a leading Virginia-based internet service provider that offers high-speed broadband access across Virginia and adjacent markets, has launched an Accelerated Fiber Deployment Initiative totaling $576 million to deploy fiber-to-the-home (“FttH”) broadband service to serve more than 80,000 unserved residential and commercial locations in 19 Virginia counties. APB’s FttH initiative has been awarded approximately $301 million in federal, state and local grants as part of Virginia’s goal to extend near-universal broadband access throughout the state.

Seven (7) of the counties located in APB’s FttH initiative qualify for a “Rural Area” designation under the EB-5 Regional Center Program (the “Rural Broadband Project”). As part of the Rural Broadband Project, APB intends to install approximately 1,200 miles of new FttH fiber-optic cable and operate multiple broadband networks that will connect unserved residences and businesses in these “Rural Area” counties.

Project Highlights

  • Capital Structure

The total budget for APB’s Accelerated Fiber Deployment Initiative is approximately $576 million, which will be funded, in part, by approximately $301 million in government grants/awards and approximately $195 million in equity investments. The portion comprising the Rural Broadband Project has total costs of approximately $124 million during the initial loan term, which will be financed by a combination of the EB-5 Loan, equity investments, and government grants/awards.

The EB-5 loan will be secured by first priority liens on 100% of the equity interests of the rural project entities and second priority liens on the nonrural project entities, subject only to senior financing not to exceed $37.5 million. These entities are indirectly wholly owned by Virginia Everywhere.


  • Job Creation: An economic impact study forecasts more than 17 jobs per investor will be created

Industry-Leading Track Record

  • 15,000 Conditional Green Cards Approved


  • 7,800 Permanent Green Cards Approved


  • 4,380 Investor-Families Repaid

Project advantages

  • Robust market and increasing demand for high-speed internet from approximately 80,000 unserved locations.


  • Project is supported by federal, state, and local government.The sponsor has already secured public funding awards for project-designated areas.


  • Rural project set-aside designation qualifies EB-5 investors for priority processing.


  • The parent company will provide a corporate guaranty for the EB-5 Loan.