Studying in the United Kingdom

Studying in the United Kingdom

Why Study in the UK

A degree from a UK institution could be your passport to professional success


Wherever you choose to pursue your future career, having a degree from a UK university is considered a quality education and respected around the world. This is backed up by the data, the UK produces 14% of the world’s most cited academic papers and 5% of the world’s scientific research. Such figures are more impressive when you consider the fact that the UK constitutes just 1% of the world’s population. The UK’s universities have a strong reputation for developing academic achievement across many disciplines, from Ernest Rutherford (the father of nuclear physics) to Oscar Wilde (acclaimed Irish writer and playwright) all graduating from UK tertiary institutions.

Choosing to study at a UK university has other benefits too, there are many social, cultural and financial, advantages as well. The UK’s shorter, more intensive course structure means that you’ll be able to fast-track your career as well as minimise your living costs while you study. The UK has a range of support programmes designed to offer students discounts and access to cheaper public transport as well as study essentials.


Five good reasons to consider the UK.

1. The economy

The UK’s economy is huge, being the sixth-largest in the world. The UK continues to be a great place to do business.


2. Education

The UK has some of the best universities in the world, including the famous Cambridge and Oxford universities, fulfilling many students’ needs.


3. Healthcare

Not every country in the world has a comprehensive, reliable healthcare system. In fact, very few have a National Health Service (NHS) equivalent to the UK’s. Those who are legal residents in the UK have access to free healthcare provided by the NHS. International students are able to legally access the NHS upon payment of the International Health Surcharge (IHS). Further details are available from the ‘Health Advice’ and ‘Services for International Students’ sections of this guide.


4. Culture

There are few places with such a rich and varied culture as the UK. With the UK’s mixed ethnic population, the UK is a fascinating place to discover.


5. The UK is geographically well placed

The UK is ideally placed for you to take short trips to other countries. Many European destinations can be reached in a few hours from London, which is why London is such a popular travel hub.

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