Golden Visa Program

Golden Visa Program

Three generations of the family immigrated to Portugal, approved for Permanent Residence in as short as 6 months



The Golden Residence Permit Program, or “Golden Visa”, is a Portuguese immigration policy launched in August 2012. The plan allows non-EU citizens to immigrate to Portugal in the form of investment real estate. This policy provides non-EU residents with new immigration channels, while also bringing new investment and employment opportunities to the local area.

Under the “Golden Visa”, citizens of non-EU countries who purchase a fund of EUR 350,000 in Portugal can obtain the right of residence in Portugal, paving the way for immigration to Portugal. After the applicant obtains the Portuguese immigration residence permit for the first time, you can travel freely in 26 Schengen countries. If you travel to European countries, you can also enter through any non-Portuguese Schengen country. After living for 5 years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship and successfully immigrate to the European Union.



  • Invest a minimum of EUR 350,000 into a Portuguese Investment Fund or Venture Capital Fund
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Non-EU/EEA Citizen
  • Must live for 35 days cumulatively within 5 years, and live for at least 7 days per year


 Program Highlights

  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area
  • Fast application process
  • Low residence requirements for immigration to Portugal
  • Portuguese taxes are clear and concise
  • No language, education or management requirements
  • No proof of business background and source of funds is required to apply for Portuguese immigration
  • If one person applies, three generations of the whole family can become EU citizens, including:
    • Spouse or common-law partner
    • Dependent children under 18; and
    • Economically dependent children over 18 (Single and Full-time student); and
    • Retired, financially dependent on the applicant’s parents (Retirement certificate required)


 Processing Time  

Approximately 6 months



  1. Assessment and consultation
  2. Global Immigrate professional consultants suggest investment portfolio
  3. Agreement signing
  4. Submit application forms
  5. Upon approval, the applicant must visit Portugal for biometric submission before the residence permit issuance
  6. Successfully approved the Golden Visa
  7. Meet the residence requirements and language requirements
  8. Acquire a permanent residence in Portugal and become an EU citizen

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