Global Talent Independent Program (GTI)

Help you get nominated by Australia and obtain PR in 2 months



Global Talent Independent Program (GTI). Designed to attract highly talented individuals, with entrepreneurial ideas and cutting-edge skills within target industry sectors, who can contribute to Australia’s economy by driving innovation and supporting the creation of local jobs. The GTI quota for 2020/21 is 300% higher than last year and increased to 15,000, allowing more talents to apply. In addition, successful applicants and their immediate family members will be able to get Permanent Resident Visa (PR) in a one-step.



  • Candidates should have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold of AUD158,500.
  • Candidates must have a recognised organisation or individual with a national reputation in the same field in Australia nominate them as global talent.
  • Target Sectors:
    • Resources
    • Argi-food and AgTech
    • Energy
    • Health Industries
    • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
    • Circular Economy
    • DigiTech
    • Infrastructure
    • Financial Service and FinTech
    • Education
  • Pass the physical examination
  • No criminal record


  Program Highlights

  • No age limit
  • No English required
  • No need to participate in the scoring test
  • You can live in any province or territory
  • Settling in Hong Kong and wait for the permanent resident
  • Recent PhD graduates in the target sectors will be considered
  • One-step permanent resident
  • Obtaining Australian permanent resident status as soon as 2 months
  • Spouse and unmarried children under the age of 23 can be approved for permanent residence together
  • PR can be extended after living for 2 years within 5 years before application
  • Have lived for 3 years in the 4 years before the application, and have lived for 90 days in the last year to be eligible for citizenship


  Processing Time  

Approximately 2 Months



  1. Assessment and consultation
  2. Agreement signing
  3. Assist in obtaining nomination from reputable institutions or persons in Australia
  4. Submit an expression of interest
  5. Invited to apply for permanent resident
  6. Submit required documents
  7. Permanent residence attained

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