GTI Australian Immigration Program FAQ

In order to attract a large number of talents in the science and technology sector, the Australian government launched the “Global Talent Independent Program”, or GTI for short, last year. The GTI quota for 2020/21 is 300% higher than that of last year and increased to 15,000, so that more outstanding talents are more interested in Australia. If you apply for immigration on paper, successful applicants will enjoy a one-step permanent resident visa (PR). One of the most popular immigration methods for Hong Kong people, this time, we will answer common questions about GTI together!

Question: Does it have to be professionals?

Answer: In fact, the definition of professional talents is broad, but the Australian authorities have certain requirements for the applicant’s work and business, and they must be in the following technical industries:

Financial Services and FinTech


Circular Economy


Health Industries

Infrastructure and Tourism


Defense, Advanced Manufacturing and Space (Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space)

Resources (Resources)

Agri-food and AgTech (Agri-food and AgTech)

If you have any questions about whether you can successfully match up as GTI applicants in your work area, you can make detailed enquiries with our professional immigration consultant.

Question: Can the annual salary requirement include bonuses?

Answer: Not theoretically. In addition to the annual salary required to reach aud 158,000, the annual salary needs to be a pure monthly salary x 12, without bonuses. If the annual salary requirement is not met, recent PhD graduates can also be considered (related subjects).

Question: Is the recommendation a professor at my university?

Answer: The recommender must be a celebrity in the relevant industry of Australia, or a relevant industry organization of Australia. So if your university professor is an Australian, you can have the opportunity to become your GTI recommender~!

Question: What will the GTI program be?

Answer: After being reviewed by the professional immigration consultant of Huanao, the contract can be concluded and the client can then be nominated by a reputable institution or person in Australia, and then submit a letter of intent to the relevant authorities. Soon after the applicant is formally invited to apply for PR and submit the required documents, Permanent residency will be granted smoothly!

Question: How long does it take for GTI to be approved?

Answer: A customer can get PR approval within 2 months.

Question: Can I bring my accompanying family?

Answer: The applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 23 can be approved for permanent residence together (approximately HKD 13,000 for applicants over 18; HKD 6,500 for applicants under 18).

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