Overseas Education

Overseas Education

We provide worldwide overseas education acquisition from countries including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.



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Canada has affordable tuition fees, top-quality institutions, plus post-study work and immigration options which means it’s no surprise that Canada has become a leading destination for international students like you. Canada now hosts over 250,000 international students with a significant increase in demand from overseas students in recent years.

Canada invests significantly in its education system. Canada is one of the world’s top education performers and, in fact,  is among the top three countries when looking at spending per capita on public post-secondary education (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).



Australia proves a popular destination to study in, having international students from all around the world. Australia is home to several leading universities, providing students with a relaxed and affordable study experience and solid career opportunities in some of the world’s most liveable cities, including Sydney and Melbourne.

If you want to further your education, undertake a world-class degree or just fast track your career, Australia offers a whole range of opportunities. Australia is hard to beat in terms of its standard of living, academic excellence, and support for international students regardless of what you choose to study be it an MBA, an engineering degree, humanities or English language course. Australia’s state capitals, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane, are in the world’s 30 best cities for students.


United Kingdom

The UK otherwise referred to as the United Kingdom, has a renowned education system, whereby courses are shorter and more intensive than the majority of other countries across the globe. This means students study in the UK are able to graduate sooner without compromising quality, while also saving you time and money in tuition fees and living costs.

Wherever you choose to pursue your future career, having a degree from a UK university is considered a quality education and respected around the world. This is backed up by the data, the UK produces 14% of the world’s most cited academic papers and 5% of the world’s scientific research. Such figures are more impressive when you consider the fact that the UK constitutes just 1% of the world’s population. The UK’s universities have a strong reputation for developing academic achievement across many disciplines, from Ernest Rutherford (the father of nuclear physics) to Oscar Wilde (acclaimed Irish writer and playwright) all graduating from UK tertiary institutions.


United States

The United States, otherwise known as the UK, is the home to the largest number of international students across the globe. With highly ranked universities and exciting campus environments, famous cities and epic landscapes, studying in the US offers you the perfect blend of a high-quality education and a rich cultural experience.

The US has a well-established, high-quality tertiary education system. It boasts a remarkable seven out of the world’s top ten universities according to the 2017-2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. In fact, there are 76 of the top 200 universities found in the US.



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  3. Determine the applicant’s school and course selection
  4. Prepare required documents
  5. Submit application form
  6. Waiting for admission result
  7. Apply for a student permit
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