Immigration Becomes the New Start to Hong Kong People

Hong Kong is experiencing the third “Immigration Wave” since last year. There are several reasons why Hong Kong people decided to immigrate to other countries. In the past two years or so, Hong Kong has faced successive social conflicts brought about by the opposition to amending the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, as well as the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, social and economic instability, and many Hong Kong people have chosen to immigrate. 

The Census and Statistics Department announced on 12th August that the provisional population of Hong Kong in the middle of this year was 7,394,700, a decrease of 87,100 year-on-year, 1.2% drop; 89,200 Hong Kong residents moved out during the year.

Feeling hesitant about whether it is suitable to immigrate to other countries or not? Please keep reading this article, you will know immigration is easier than you think.


The Immigration Wave Continues in 50 Years 

In a report, last September, the Census and Statistics Department’s projections showed Hong Kong’s population was expected to drop to about 7.35 million within 50 years. As far as the current situation is concerned, the number of immigrants in Hong Kong will rise again in the future.

Once the wave of immigration continues, it will cause the loss of talents and capital in Hong Kong, and may also exacerbate the problem of population ageing and affect the future development of Hong Kong. The authorities must pay attention to the situation and strive to solve deep-rooted local problems in order to retain talents.


Canada has a Well Organized Education System

More than 90,000 residents have left Hong Kong in the year after the national security law was launched in 2019. There were many young people among them. Some citizens might think that there were problems with education in Hong Kong and immigrated.

Studying abroad is always a great way to upgrade your academic level. Hong Kong people always hesitate about the high cost of studying abroad. However, the cost of studying in Canada is lower than you expect. Many colleges and universities are internationally recognized institutions in the world. You can easily find a job after graduation. Staying in Canada is easier than you think. After graduation in Canada, you can apply for a provisional visa until 2026. When you finally become a permanent resident of Canada, you can enjoy most of the benefits the same as Canadian citizens, such as free medical fees.


Canada is Your Final Destination

In addition, there are many deep-seated problems in Hong Kong, including difficulties in upward mobility and high property prices. Living and working in peace and contentment will naturally find another way out. Canada is a place that gives you the best living environment with love in peace. 

Can you imagine how much the property cost in Canada? The cost of Hong Kong property is extremely high. You cannot buy an 800 ft. 2 bed-room flat with CAD 900,000 (HKD 5.8M) in Hong Kong, however, Canada does. Buying an apartment in Toronto or Vancouver is not as hard as you think. You can succeed in your dream house in Canada at an affordable price. Canadians are kind and friendly with different nationalities. Accepting immigrants from all around the world. You will adapt to the lifestyle and culture in Canada very soon.


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