GTI Australian Immigration Program FAQ

In order to attract a large number of talents in the science and technology sector, the Australian government launched the “Global Talent Independent Program”, or GTI for short, last year. The GTI quota for 2020/21 is 300% higher than that of last year and increased to 15,000, so that more outstanding talents are more interested in Australia. If you apply for immigration on paper, successful applicants will enjoy a one-step permanent resident visa (PR). One of the most popular immigration methods for Hong Kong people, this time, we will answer common questions about GTI together!

Question: Does it have to be professionals?

Answer: In fact, the definition of professional talents is broad, but the Australian authorities have certain requirements for the applicant’s work and business, and they must be in the following technical industries:

Financial Services and FinTech


Circular Economy


Health Industries

Infrastructure and Tourism


Defense, Advanced Manufacturing and Space (Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space)

Resources (Resources)

Agri-food and AgTech (Agri-food and AgTech)

If you have any questions about whether you can successfully match up as GTI applicants in your work area, you can make detailed enquiries with our professional immigration consultant.

Question: Can the annual salary requirement include bonuses?

Answer: Not theoretically. In addition to the annual salary required to reach aud 158,000, the annual salary needs to be a pure monthly salary x 12, without bonuses. If the annual salary requirement is not met, recent PhD graduates can also be considered (related subjects).

Question: Is the recommendation a professor at my university?

Answer: The recommender must be a celebrity in the relevant industry of Australia, or a relevant industry organization of Australia. So if your university professor is an Australian, you can have the opportunity to become your GTI recommender~!

Question: What will the GTI program be?

Answer: After being reviewed by the professional immigration consultant of Huanao, the contract can be concluded and the client can then be nominated by a reputable institution or person in Australia, and then submit a letter of intent to the relevant authorities. Soon after the applicant is formally invited to apply for PR and submit the required documents, Permanent residency will be granted smoothly!

Question: How long does it take for GTI to be approved?

Answer: A customer can get PR approval within 2 months.

Question: Can I bring my accompanying family?

Answer: The applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 23 can be approved for permanent residence together (approximately HKD 13,000 for applicants over 18; HKD 6,500 for applicants under 18).

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    Aerial view of Elizabeth Quay, Perth

    Immigration Becomes the New Start to Hong Kong People

    Hong Kong is experiencing the third “Immigration Wave” since last year. There are several reasons why Hong Kong people decided to immigrate to other countries. In the past two years or so, Hong Kong has faced successive social conflicts brought about by the opposition to amending the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, as well as the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, social and economic instability, and many Hong Kong people have chosen to immigrate. 

    The Census and Statistics Department announced on 12th August that the provisional population of Hong Kong in the middle of this year was 7,394,700, a decrease of 87,100 year-on-year, 1.2% drop; 89,200 Hong Kong residents moved out during the year.

    Feeling hesitant about whether it is suitable to immigrate to other countries or not? Please keep reading this article, you will know immigration is easier than you think.


    The Immigration Wave Continues in 50 Years 

    In a report, last September, the Census and Statistics Department’s projections showed Hong Kong’s population was expected to drop to about 7.35 million within 50 years. As far as the current situation is concerned, the number of immigrants in Hong Kong will rise again in the future.

    Once the wave of immigration continues, it will cause the loss of talents and capital in Hong Kong, and may also exacerbate the problem of population ageing and affect the future development of Hong Kong. The authorities must pay attention to the situation and strive to solve deep-rooted local problems in order to retain talents.


    Canada has a Well Organized Education System

    More than 90,000 residents have left Hong Kong in the year after the national security law was launched in 2019. There were many young people among them. Some citizens might think that there were problems with education in Hong Kong and immigrated.

    Studying abroad is always a great way to upgrade your academic level. Hong Kong people always hesitate about the high cost of studying abroad. However, the cost of studying in Canada is lower than you expect. Many colleges and universities are internationally recognized institutions in the world. You can easily find a job after graduation. Staying in Canada is easier than you think. After graduation in Canada, you can apply for a provisional visa until 2026. When you finally become a permanent resident of Canada, you can enjoy most of the benefits the same as Canadian citizens, such as free medical fees.


    Canada is Your Final Destination

    In addition, there are many deep-seated problems in Hong Kong, including difficulties in upward mobility and high property prices. Living and working in peace and contentment will naturally find another way out. Canada is a place that gives you the best living environment with love in peace. 

    Can you imagine how much the property cost in Canada? The cost of Hong Kong property is extremely high. You cannot buy an 800 ft. 2 bed-room flat with CAD 900,000 (HKD 5.8M) in Hong Kong, however, Canada does. Buying an apartment in Toronto or Vancouver is not as hard as you think. You can succeed in your dream house in Canada at an affordable price. Canadians are kind and friendly with different nationalities. Accepting immigrants from all around the world. You will adapt to the lifestyle and culture in Canada very soon.


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    Guide to Overseas Property- Britain

    Before purchasing a property in the U.K., many customers choose the format of cash buy as their payment method. However, some customers choose to apply for a mortgage before buying the property. In order to ease our buyers’ concern,Global Immigrate Overseas Property team is here to walk you through the progress.
    Let us talk about the requirements for applying for a mortgage. The applicants’ background, such as citizenship, credit history, and so on are highly crucial in applying for a mortgage, as this will directly affect the application. Since the mortgage period is usually up to 25-30 years, the client must be at least 25 years old and the oldest contract period can up to a 65 years old applicant (depending on bank requirements). The payment period depends on the mortgage application; the asset requirements for applying for a UK mortgage must be at least £ 250,000. As the United Kingdom is very strict in preventing money laundering, applicants are required to provide solid explanations for their assets, and the procedures are strict. Each bank or mortgage institution has its own set of money laundering prevention systems, and applicants must comply with regulations and should provide the required documents for application.
    Second, the mortgage rate in the United Kingdom is also a huge concern for our customers. If the mortgage requirements are met, most likely banks can grant 30-40% of the applicant’s annual salary as loan, the mortgage ratio can reach 75%, and the interest rate mostly starts from 2%.
    On the other hand, there are two common mortgage schemes in the U.K. Firstly, Repayment Mortgage, which is the most commonly used one. It is a conventional mortgage scheme which requires the applicant to repay both the loan and interest. The second type is Endowment Mortgage, which sounds attractive somehow, but in order to protect the interest of the financial institutes and to prevent any potential loss, the financial institutes require the applicant to buy in a life insurance policy together with the application.. Therefore, applicants must repay the policy premium as well as the interest. Of course, all mortgage details are different among different institutes.
    Mortgage overseas applicant usually have to apply through a mortgage broker or a bank. However, mortgage service can only be provided by banks in Hong Kong that have U.K. branches, and will work as a referral case to the mortgage department in the U.K.. Customers are reminded to spare 3-6 months for mortgage application before the purchase, and brokers details can refer back to our professional overseas property team for more!


      Season II, your favourite to live in Toronto.


      Seasons, a residential building is developed by Concord Pacific, located in North York, a nice community in Toronto, at the junction of Shappard and Leslie. Hong Kong people should be familiar with North York, as north york is a favorite place for locals and overseas people. The location is close to the outskirts of the city, and there are many green spaces. At the same time, it only takes about 20 minutes to drive to the CBD from downtown Toronto, without losing the taste of the city.

      The project is one of the residential buildings in the Concord Park Place community. Concord Park Pace covers an area of ​​more than 40 acres and has well-rounded communal facilities. Department stores and supermarkets are all in the community, which is a plus to all residences. This project will be divided into one and the second phase development, and will provide nearly 600 units, the first phase will be 41 storeys and the second phase will be 38 storeys. It is divided into villas and apartment units for sale, with one to three-bedroom, with a ceiling height of 11 feet, ranging from more than 500 feet to more than 1,000 feet. Two-bedroom units start at more than 800,000 Canadian dollars (about 5 million Hong Kong dollars). What’s more, you are not only buying a simple unit, but you have also purchased a 15-minute living circle, furniture and department stores, everything is at your fingertips, 

      Seasons is expected to be completed at the end of 2021. It is one of the most sought-after new properties in Canada that provide high-end design property for the local area. The design of the unit is minimalistic, including the famous brand Miele home appliances, and the scenery overlooks Bayview and East Don Parkland. Located at a two-minute walk from Bessarion subway station, it is super convenient to get in and out of town. Nearby is the Bayview Village Shopping Centre, providing necessities and entertainment. Taking transition at Sheppard Yonge Station, it directly takes you to Union Station in the City Centre Financial District, attracting a group of financial professionals as potential tenants, it can be seen that the unit is also a good choice for investment. Canadian property investment is growing, the average rent in Canada ranges from 1,700 Canadian dollars. The rental return is about 4-5%. Not to mention the low rate of Canadian dollar, and the return is stable and impressive. Since the project caters to the tastes of Hong Kong people, and with the conveniency of the community,I believe that many Hong Kong immigrant families will fall for it.


        Manchester Is the Most Suitable British City for Hong Kong Residents

        The latest immigration policy in the UK is that Hong Kong people holding BNO can directly go to the UK to settle. The Home Office of the United Kingdom further confirmed that the five-year residence period required to apply for permanent citizenship will not require an income review, so now is the ideal time to consider moving to the United Kingdom. 

        The living environment of Manchester in the United Kingdom, whether it is a living environment, education, work development, or local slow life, is the ideal life Hong Kong people have always dreamed of.


        Property Price is Half Cheaper than Hong Kong

        Whether you are renting a house or buying a flat, the cost of housing in Hong Kong is extremely high due to an extremely high population density. A large part of your income is spent on renting or mortgages.

        In particular, Manchester city centre has some amazing luxury new residential developments, close to all the facilities and transportation options you need. More importantly, it is expected that in the next five years, Manchester property prices will increase significantly. Now is the ideal time to buy a property in Manchester and make huge profits in the near future.


        High Level of Education

        Manchester is home to the best universities in the UK, many of which are already popular study destinations for Hong Kong students.

        In the 2021 QS World University Rankings, the University of Manchester ranks 27th in the world, on par with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Only a few places lower than the University of Hong Kong. This means that students who move to Manchester can enjoy high-quality education with confidence, and even better. Hone your British accent and improve your English.

        Manchester’s primary and secondary education is also very good. There are a series of public and private schools to choose from. These schools have performed very well, allowing your children to get a superb education in the future. Manchester High School for Girls, St. Bede’s College and New Islington Free School are all outstanding examples of high-quality educational institutions in Manchester.


        Career Development

        In addition to low-cost housing, Manchester also provides world-class job opportunities. As the centre of the Northern UK’s revitalization plan and the capital of the north of the UK, this city attracts companies from all over the world.

        A high-skilled workforce and favourable business conditions have made Amazon, British Telecom, Google, Microsoft, KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and other large companies choose Manchester as their main office location. Bank of China and HSBC also have large operations in Manchester.


        Leisure Peak Area

        What if you want to escape the city for a leisurely weekend? Manchester is only minutes away from the Peak District, one of the most popular and attractive national parks in the UK. Walking in the countryside, cycling to enjoy the beautiful scenery, hiking mountains and trails are all just short journeys by car or train. It is perfect for spending long weekend camping or day trips with your family, just like the journey between downtown Hong Kong and suburbs such as Sai Kung or Lantau.

        If you want to go further, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Forest of Bowland and Nidderdale are all within driving distance.


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