Tips for Working in Canada (2) – Work Environment

Canada is a country with a beautiful environment, diverse cultures and is full of vitality. The local working conditions are good, and there are many enviable worker benefits.


Canadian working environment

  • Ethnic diversity

Unless you work in a Chinese company, generally the working environment in Canada can be said to be multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. It is not surprising that a company is a United Nations. In this environment, mutual understanding and tolerance are essential qualities for every employee. Because of the large number of immigrants, in addition to national public holidays, some companies and organizations also set up one or two days of paid Culture Day to facilitate employees to take vacations to celebrate their holidays.

  • Workplace humanization

This should be said to be a system and not just a culture. One year of maternity leave can be taken for childbirth, and the couple can take turns to take this year. In addition, there should be no discriminatory behaviours such as gender, age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation in the workplace, otherwise, they will be brought to court.

  • Focus on Team Spirit

On the one hand, Western society advocates the promotion of individuality, on the other hand, it attaches great importance to teamwork. If you want to show your merits and cover the information or materials that should be shared, the consequences may be serious. It can be said that in the Canadian workplace, the spirit of cooperation is paramount.


Canadian living environment

  • Stable financial development

Canada’s economic foundation can be said to be the most stable in the world, and its development is extremely vigorous, so it can provide potential immigrants with different types of job vacancies.

  • Excellent security

Canada is a country with excellent public security and a very low crime rate. Violent incidents rarely occur. Compared with the neighbouring United States, Canada has a very low rate of gun ownership and is very safe.

  • Free healthcare

All kinds of medical services in Canada are subsidized by the government, and all permanent residents can enjoy free medical care. In addition, every province in Canada also has a social welfare program to protect residents.

  • Unbeatable environment

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with a land area of ​​10 million square kilometres. Canada’s picturesque scenery and vast area are quite suitable for different types of outdoor activities, such as skiing, canoeing and rock climbing, etc. It is loved by local people of different ages and sectors.

  • Cultural melting pot

Canada is a pleasant and friendly country. The natural gas and oil industries account for a large part of the GDP and are highly regarded by all developed countries. In addition, many immigrants from South America, Europe and Asia have also brought sublimation and breakthroughs to different local cultures, especially in terms of food, making Canada more colourful.


Latest News

Details of Canada’s lifeboat plan announced in June this year – Stream B: Canadian work experience

Applicants must have graduated in the 5 years before you apply with one of the following:

  • a diploma (not graduate or post-graduate) for a program of at least 2 years, or a degree (for example, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate) from a post-secondary designated learning institution in Canada
  • a graduate or post-graduate diploma or certificate for a program of at least 1 year from a post-secondary designated learning institution in Canada
  • a foreign educational credential equivalent to one of the following:
    • a Canadian post-secondary diploma (not graduate or post-graduate) for a program of at least 2 years
    • a Canadian post-secondary degree
    • a Canadian graduate or post-graduate diploma or certificate for a program of at least 1 year
  • have worked in Canada for at least 12 months full time, or an equal amount of part-time hours in the 3 years before you apply.



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