Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

Want to skip the residency obligation? Stay only ONE day per year !



The “Investment Immigration Program” (IIP) allows non-European nationals to obtain Irish resident status by investing in projects approved by the government. You only need to enter the country for one day each year. We suggest that you can go to Ireland after Christmas every year and live until next year after the New Year’s holiday to meet the residency requirements. The entire application process is reviewed quickly, and permanent residence can be obtained in as fast as 6 months.



  • Age above 18 years old
  • The net asset value reaches 2 million Euros (approximately $18 million Hong Kong dollars)
  • Invest 1 million euros in a locally recognized enterprise or investment project; if it is a local property trust, it must invest up to 2 million euros
  • Hold the investment in these projects for at least 3 years
  • Live for at least one day per year


 Program Highlights

  • No language requirements
  • Skip the residency obligation
  • Only need to live for one day per year
  • Acquire permanent residency status quickly
  • Citizenship requirements (one of the following):
    • Stay for 4 cumulative years within 8 years and stay for 12 months consecutively in the last year (Total of 5 years)
    • Stay for 5 consecutive years


Processing Time  

Approximately 6 Months



  1. Assessment and consultation
  2. Global Immigrate professional consultants suggest investment portfolio
  3. Submit an application to the Irish government
  4. Application approved
  5. Make an investment
  6. Obtain PR (permanent residence)

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