Manchester Is the Most Suitable British City for Hong Kong Residents

The latest immigration policy in the UK is that Hong Kong people holding BNO can directly go to the UK to settle. The Home Office of the United Kingdom further confirmed that the five-year residence period required to apply for permanent citizenship will not require an income review, so now is the ideal time to consider moving to the United Kingdom. 

The living environment of Manchester in the United Kingdom, whether it is a living environment, education, work development, or local slow life, is the ideal life Hong Kong people have always dreamed of.


Property Price is Half Cheaper than Hong Kong

Whether you are renting a house or buying a flat, the cost of housing in Hong Kong is extremely high due to an extremely high population density. A large part of your income is spent on renting or mortgages.

In particular, Manchester city centre has some amazing luxury new residential developments, close to all the facilities and transportation options you need. More importantly, it is expected that in the next five years, Manchester property prices will increase significantly. Now is the ideal time to buy a property in Manchester and make huge profits in the near future.


High Level of Education

Manchester is home to the best universities in the UK, many of which are already popular study destinations for Hong Kong students.

In the 2021 QS World University Rankings, the University of Manchester ranks 27th in the world, on par with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Only a few places lower than the University of Hong Kong. This means that students who move to Manchester can enjoy high-quality education with confidence, and even better. Hone your British accent and improve your English.

Manchester’s primary and secondary education is also very good. There are a series of public and private schools to choose from. These schools have performed very well, allowing your children to get a superb education in the future. Manchester High School for Girls, St. Bede’s College and New Islington Free School are all outstanding examples of high-quality educational institutions in Manchester.


Career Development

In addition to low-cost housing, Manchester also provides world-class job opportunities. As the centre of the Northern UK’s revitalization plan and the capital of the north of the UK, this city attracts companies from all over the world.

A high-skilled workforce and favourable business conditions have made Amazon, British Telecom, Google, Microsoft, KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and other large companies choose Manchester as their main office location. Bank of China and HSBC also have large operations in Manchester.


Leisure Peak Area

What if you want to escape the city for a leisurely weekend? Manchester is only minutes away from the Peak District, one of the most popular and attractive national parks in the UK. Walking in the countryside, cycling to enjoy the beautiful scenery, hiking mountains and trails are all just short journeys by car or train. It is perfect for spending long weekend camping or day trips with your family, just like the journey between downtown Hong Kong and suburbs such as Sai Kung or Lantau.

If you want to go further, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Forest of Bowland and Nidderdale are all within driving distance.


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