[SUV] Settling in Hong Kong and Get PR

Canadian Entrepreneurship Immigration (SUV) is one of Huanao’s gold medal projects, and a professional team escorts the entire process to ensure a 100% success rate. For many years, the Canadian Entrepreneurship Immigration Program (SUV for short) has been the main immigration program of Huanao Immigration. More than 80% of existing customers have successfully immigrated to Canada through SUVs. The requirements for SUVs are different from traditional immigration, and the threshold is relatively close to the people.


One step to get PR

As a large traditional immigration country, the federal government has also launched a plan of 1.23 million new immigrants in the next three years, so there are actually more than 100 different immigration methods. The federal SUV (Start-up Visa) innovative investment immigration program is one of the few projects in Canada that can get the Maple Leaf Card in one step. After completing the business plan, the applicant can submit it to a professional review agency (incubator) established by the government for review. As long as the business plan passes the review, the incubator will issue a support letter for the applicant, and the applicant can submit a support letter from the incubator Permanent residence application. There is no need to apply for a work permit to start a business and then transfer to permanent residence.


One-stop service, from zero to help you start a new business

The professional team of Huanao Immigration assists guests in formulating innovative business plans, which are then submitted to a Canadian-approved business incubator and for immigration interviews. After obtaining a letter of support from the incubator, they can directly apply for PR. The biggest advantage of the plan is that the applicant can stay in Hong Kong to continue working throughout the entire process, without having to travel to Canada in person, and the applicant does not need to have any business or management experience requirements in Hong Kong. After the launch of the SUV, it successfully attracted a group of local Hong Kong people who wanted to immigrate to Canada and carry out entrepreneurial activities. If the applicant comes from some unpopular immigration industry, such as education or government agencies, it may be more suitable to join our high-quality SUV project as a co-founder.


The first immigration team in Hong Kong with a background in innovation and technology
Huanao Immigration has the only own programming team in Hong Kong, which takes care of all programming and will not be “outsourced”. From consultation and evaluation to finally helping clients obtain PR (permanent residence), senior immigration consultants and professional teams provide clients with one-stop immigrant visa services, school and job matching, landing and settlement services (including real estate and medical insurance). We can also assist applicants in recruiting other partners, recruiting talents and funds for the founders through our platform, and forming Canadian companies together and succeeding in Canada through the SUV project. We seek to help our clients meet the Canadian visa standards at the most affordable price in the shortest possible time, realize their dream of immigration, and start a new life in Canada with peace of mind.


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Canadian Federal Entrepreneur Visa Immigration Project, Start-Up Visa Program ( SUV)

Four advantages of SUV:

  • 960,000 Hong Kong dollars family immigration, suitable for you with a large family
  • No need to land, sit in Hong Kong and wait for PR
  • Relatively low asset requirements
  • Relatively low time cost, PR can be obtained in about 18 months


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