[Part 1] 2 Years Immigration Experience in Canada

For new immigrants, there will also be good and bad sides in the new life in Canada. Today I will talk to you about some personal views and feelings about living here during the two years of immigrating to Canada, hoping to be a reference for friends who are planning to immigrate and about to start immigrating life.


Canada’s beautiful natural environment is rare in the world, with an astonishing 45% forest coverage and as much as 20% of the world’s freshwater resources. From the east coast to the west coast, it contains a wealth of natural landforms, wetlands, plains, mountains, and lakes. All over the vast land.

Natural environment

In addition to the infinite and spectacular scenery that this piece of land brings to people, it also brings the abundant resources that people rely on for survival and development. It is not an exaggeration to say that even if the world does have the end times mentioned in the movie, even if Canada is closed and isolated from the world, it can easily rely on its own resources to be self-sufficient. This is a rare blessing in the world.

In recent years, so-called ecological migration has appeared, and the main consideration for many friends to emigrate is to seek a beautiful natural living environment. There is no doubt that Canada is very suitable. What’s more, there are landscapes everywhere, where people and nature merge together. Taking a photo at hand is a landscape painting, which is tranquil and magnificent.


Such a superior natural environment can also bring some troubles to people, especially animals that can be seen everywhere, such as cute rabbits, squirrels, beavers, chipmunks, egrets, mandarin ducks, wild ducks, swans, deer, etc., They will visit your garden from time to time, gnaw off the flowers and plants that you have worked so hard to grow up, dig up expensive lawns, and when the raccoons are happy, they will come over in the middle of the night and gnaw your trash can outside. If unfortunately you are caught in your backyard by a skunk as its comfort zone, it is estimated that you will not even dare to open the windows throughout the summer.

In addition to the cute animals above, there are also many fierce guys here, such as bears, coyotes, foxes, cougars, rattlesnakes and other species that can only be seen in zoos in China. It is entirely possible that you will enjoy the wild scenery. It happened to you unexpectedly, and reports of being harassed by bears while camping are not uncommon in this country.

Some beasts will even wander around your community. Cat slaves and dog owners must take good care of their baby pets, otherwise, a careless one may be attacked and taken away by large animals. The famous Canadian geese are also super raptors with explosive combat effectiveness. They wantonly occupy parks, streets, and parking lots. They must stay away during their breeding season.

For those who hate animals, living in Canada will feel very painful, because Canada absolutely does not allow humans to treat animals cruelly. In a country where cooks must follow strict humanitarian procedures when handling lobsters, no matter how animals treat you, You must not be rough with animals.

In the backyard last night, two screaming animals fought and tossed into the middle of the night, and I could only pretend not to hear, and wait until they were tired of tossing and retreating before falling asleep as if they were the owners of the land tax here.


Benefits: Generally speaking, the livable areas in Canada are at the southern end of the country and the United States. There are a few aborigines in the north who have adapted to the cold climate there. But most Canadians, especially new immigrants from various countries, choose to concentrate in the two cities of Vancouver and Toronto. Because the climate in these areas is relatively warmer.

Canada’s winter and summer are longer, and spring and autumn are shorter. This season is suitable for winter ice and snow sports and summer water outdoor play. The degree of Canadian locals’ crazy love for ice hockey is beyond your imagination. Almost every family has posters of favourite Canadian ice hockey players, and even framed jerseys are hung in the room. There is no doubt that ice hockey is the favourite of Canadian adults and children. Winter sports.

In winter, you can also ski, skate, play sledging, snowball fights, and ice fishing, which is also quite fun. There are more outdoor activities in spring and summer, camping, yachting, boating, swimming, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, seaplane, motorboat, etc. There are all the fun projects you want here!

Canadians are not idle during the short autumn, enjoying maple leaves, watching waterfalls, outdoor barbecues, rowing wooden boats, walking the plank road, and hiking in the mountains and rivers.

Disadvantages: As we all know, because most of Canada’s land is in the north like Russia, Canada’s climate can be summed up in one word in the eyes of many Asian immigrants: cold!

Especially for Asian immigrants, it is difficult to adapt to the cold winter climate in Canada at the beginning. What’s more, for those new immigrants from tropical and subtropical countries who have never seen snow before, it takes a few hard winters to begin to adapt slowly. Winter life, safe driving in snow and snow removal in winter are all skills that need to be learned.

It’s incredible that Canadian locals who are not afraid of the cold often wear short-sleeved shorts to go out in severe winters when the temperature is minus 20 degrees. Some people say that they may get in the car directly from the garage because the house is warm. In fact, they are really not afraid of the cold. ! At the coldest time of the year, they usually only wear a pair of jeans on their legs, but our long trousers, velvet trousers, and cotton trousers have all been worn long ago.

With the acceleration of global warming, the only cold Canadian summer temperature in our eyes is actually not low. Not long after the beginning of this summer, Toronto has had as many as 11 days of over 30 degrees Celsius. This was in the past few years. It is unthinkable. It also happens when the body feels more than 40 degrees in extreme weather. At this time, it is almost as hot as the summer in tropical countries such as Thailand.

Especially in summer, the sun is violent, so you must go out with various sunscreens, otherwise, you will get sunburned easily. So if you are afraid of cold and heat, you can only live in Vancouver when you come to Canada, provided that you can accept the high cost of living and very few job opportunities.

Daily life and entertainment


Canadians are busy in their daily life to pursue the quality of life themselves! Except for working hours, Canadians spend all their spare time spending time with their families, taking care of their living environment, and sports and fitness outdoors. Canadians are always keen to constantly change the way of decorating and decorating their houses, changing furniture and accessories, hanging Christmas lights, placing Halloween pumpkins, planting flowers and grasses in the front yard and backyard, and watering and fertilizing them. Also keen on outdoor activities, running and fitness.

Those who are addicted to alcohol and smoke, and especially enjoy feasting and feasting, are definitely not suitable to come to Canada. In Canada, there are strict and detailed regulations on drinking and smoking. Tobacco cannot be sold on the open side and cannot be sold on a roof. Smoking indoors, there are age restrictions for drinking, and you can’t drink in public. You can’t drink alcohol casually when you arrive at a restaurant. Only restaurants that are eligible to apply for a liquor license can sell alcohol to guests.

This is an absolute good thing for health. In Canada, you don’t have to worry about being forced to smell second-hand smoke in work and life, and you don’t have to worry about listening to drunks making noise while enjoying food in restaurants.


People who like to join in the fun will be more indifferent in Canada, which is different from everywhere in the country. Even the business district in Canada is less noisy than in China.

Except for holidays and special events, there will be lively spots, usually, people just stay at home quietly and work on their house gardens, or leave the city to live their own small lives in holiday houses. If you want to buy cigarettes or alcohol, you must go to a limited designated place to buy, and it must be packaged so that no one can see it, let alone smoking and drinking outside the prescribed places.

Because public ethics in Canada is extremely important, no matter what you want to do, you must first consider whether it will affect the interests of other people. Smoking illegally will cause others to smoke second-hand smoke, and drinking in public places in violation of the regulations may cause harm to others. I hint in my heart and may cause potential harm to public security and traffic, so there is no absolute freedom in life here.


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