Pet Immigration

Our pet immigration services cover the world, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan and other popular countries



Pet travel is vastly different to human travel. To put our clients’ hearts at ease, Global Immigrate provides all in one services for pet immigration including : Professional consultations, pet microchipped, pet vaccinated against rabies, pet health certificates, tapeworm treatment , pet travel documents, arrange air tickets etc. 


  Processing Fees

Fees Depends on pets’ health conditions, migration country and departure day. For more information, please do not hesitate to make a free consultation.


Processing Times  

Approximately 3 – 9 months



  1. Professional Consultation
  2. Confirm the departure date and book air tickets / cargo
  3. Arrange for before- immigrating pet preparation services
  4. Apply for health certificates
  5. Arrange and submit all related documents
  6. Arrange pet clearance and overseas transportation
  7. Application complete

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