Canada and Australia Open Start-Up Visa

In the past, Hong Kong people immigrated to foreign countries mainly through technology, education, investment immigration, etc. With the rising trend of innovation and technology, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom have successively issued exclusive immigration visas for entrepreneurs or innovation and technology people to attract them to settle down. In recent years, guests’ enquiries about entrepreneurial immigration accounted for about 20% of the total enquiries, which is still inferior to traditional technology and investment immigration.

For the current immigrant visas related to innovation and technology or entrepreneurship, including Canada’s Start-Up Visa, the applicant has prepared a business plan and obtained a letter of support from a government-designated agency to apply. Those who are granted a visa can reside permanently in the local area. In addition, Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario have their own measures to recruit global innovation and technology talents, making them the first choice for many local innovation and technology immigrants.




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