Immigration and Financial Preparation

It is not easy to leave Hong Kong and immigrate to a foreign country, especially when it comes to bringing up children, the process can be quite difficult. Huge changes in life will consume considerable physical strength and energy, but if you can prepare before immigrating, you can reduce stress and make the immigration process smoother. Pay attention to the following 6 pre-immigrant preparations to help you ease the pressure of the transition period and settle down in a new place more quickly.


1) Know your destination in detail

It is advisable to fully understand the visa requirements of the new place of residence before immigration to avoid blockages. In-depth and detailed data collection can deepen your knowledge of your new place of residence and understand what it is like to live overseas. Understanding cultural differences and their nuances is a way of psychological preparation before adapting to new foreign lifestyles. On the level of life, you might as well understand the local transportation system first, and see if you need to prepare an international driver’s license, or whether the local public transportation is enough to meet your daily needs?

In addition, the real estate market is also a link that cannot be ignored. Before emigrating, you should first find out the appropriate type of residence and understand the nearby living environment according to your own needs. Making the above preparations in advance will make the results more in line with your expectations, and it will also help you and your family to find a new home that suits you more easily. You can also check how the local healthcare system works first, and know what to do if something happens.


2) Collect all important documents

Before leaving Hong Kong, it is advisable to gather all relevant documents of each family member in a book in advance, such as passports, visas, work permits, enrollment records, medical records, adoption documents, or marriage certificates, etc. It is especially important to carry all these documents with you because the immigration process will involve a lot of information and proof. Early preparation can make your child enter a new school or help you enter a new job more smoothly. Another thing to remember is that before completing all the procedures, please make sure that all passports are still within the validity period.


3) Carry out financial planning

Before officially moving overseas, you should properly organize your finances, such as property arrangements, bank deposits and insurance, which can give you a clearer understanding of your current financial situation. This is very important when making financial decisions, applying for immigration projects, and making investments in the future. You can check the taxation policy of your new place of residence to ensure that you can still comply with all relevant regulations when arranging your migration, and find a savings plan that suits you in accordance with the regulations.

In addition, if the situation permits, you may wish to open a local bank account in advance in the process of applying for immigration to deal with the daily affairs that must be handled by the bank and avoid being charged overseas handling fees. Knowing the documents required to open a savings and checking account in advance can make your account opening process easier and faster, thereby eliminating one of the major stress factors during the immigration transition period.


4) List the people who need to be notified before leaving

Make a list of all the people and groups that need to know that you are about to leave. First, let employers know your plans so that they have plenty of time to prepare. In addition, liaising with banks and insurance institutions to ensure that all arrangements are in order so that you can move overseas smoothly. Remember to check the website of the Inland Revenue Department for the details of foreign income tax declaration or other related taxes. If you have a lease, you should notify your landlord as soon as possible to deal with relevant legal procedures and prepare relevant documents in advance. Other things that need to be dealt with include changing your email address, cancelling fitness clubs, terminating water, electricity and coal services, and monthly telephone billing plans.


5) Choose an international moving company

Carrying everything with you and taking them on the plane can be a chore. Before leaving Hong Kong, you may wish to consider hiring an international moving company, which in all aspects will help reduce the burden on your journey. Most international moving companies provide point-to-point delivery services to make the moving process easier for you and your family.


6) Plan to house your pet

If you plan to bring your pet to immigrate, it is very important to prepare in advance. Because some countries, such as Australia, have many relevant regulations in this regard, the application process can even take as long as 8 months, while in some countries, such as the United States, the application time is shorter and may only take one week. As the requirements vary from country to country, remember to collect detailed information before leaving Hong Kong, and arrange all necessary examinations, blood tests, vaccinations, treatments, and application documents that may be required such as import permits for your pets.

Before booking a flight, remember to understand the plans and guidelines of different airlines for travelling with pets. Some airlines may have additional regulations that are different from your country of immigration. If you cannot find the relevant information online, you may wish to call the relevant agency to ensure that you will not miss any details.