Insights of the Industries Suitable for HK People Immigrating to Canada

Canada just announced that it will introduce a new immigration policy. Among them, young people in Hong Kong who have graduated from colleges in the past 5 years can apply to work locally for up to 3 years, and can even apply for permanent residence. The new measures will take effect in 2021. For Hong Kong people to immigrate to foreign countries, starting a business may be one of the options, and there are many industries in Canada that are suitable for Hong Kong people to start a business.

(1) Convenience store / small supermarket

Convenience stores in Canada generally adopt franchise forms, such as 7-Eleven and Hasty Market, which are familiar to Hong Kong people. This saves the trouble of advertising, ordering and delivery, and allows the boss to focus on business management. Of course, you need to pay management fees to join a brand, and the head office will earn the difference on the goods. The advantage of the convenience store is that the management is relatively simple, as long as you choose the right location. The downside is to guard the shops, because Canada’s wages are higher, and the recruitment of manpower will increase expenses. Therefore, most owners will guard the shops themselves to save money.

(2) Import and export trade

There are many special products in Canada, such as ice wine, agricultural products, cosmetics, etc. These products have been sought after by Hong Kong consumers. The Canadian government also values ​​the import and export industry. They hope to sell Canadian products overseas. At the same time, the cost of investing in an import and export trading company is lower than other businesses. The main sources of cost are warehouse and inventory. If entrepreneurs already have relatively mature sales channels in Hong Kong and can contact Canadian manufacturers, the profits of this kind of business will be considerable.

(3) Car beauty and maintenance

There are a lot of cars in Canada, and basically, every family has at least one car. The local car repair industry has at least twice a year of “changing wheels”. Most cars will be replaced with snow tires before winter, and all-season tires in summer. But the reality is that there are too few merchants on the market that provide car repair and beauty services. If you go to large stores such as Costco or Canadian Tire to change tires, you basically have to make an appointment one month earlier each time. Canada’s demand for auto repair business is equally great. If Hong Kong people have the knowledge and skills related to auto repair, this industry may be a good choice for entrepreneurship.


If you do not want to start a business, there are also many industries in Canada where there is a shortage of talents. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) established by the local government divides different occupations into different levels. According to the figures in September 2020, the managerial jobs are in greatest demand in Canada, such as restaurant managers, mine managers and fishing boat captains.



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