Introduction of Pet Passport

Pet passports are generally the same documents that people need to carry out when entering the country. All documents entering other countries will include veterinary injections, blood draws, and pet physical examinations. The meaning of the name of dog care is the certificate after the veterinary inspection, and it is also It is necessary to cooperate with all the veterinary documents required for the dog passport to enter the country. In fact, it is all the animal quarantine certificates inspected by the veterinarian. In Hong Kong, our travel agency is referred to as the pet passport. Generally, the application for a dog passport will involve vaccinations, blood draws, and physical fitness. Check etc.

We will proceed in accordance with the regulations of the country. Generally, it takes three to nine months to prepare for moving to a foreign country or travelling with a pet. Especially, it is easier to prepare an EU pet passport because the requirements of EU countries are not high. Moreover, in EU countries, they all regard pets as life-long companions of human beings, so the general injections and physical examinations in Hong Kong are already eligible to apply for EU pet passports.


Veterinarian giving an injection to a cat on the surgical table, pet healthcare concept.