Start-Up Visa, Your Creative First

Canada is one of the most popular immigration countries for Hong Kong people. It has a beautiful environment and is an English-speaking country, so it is very popular among Hong Kong people. In recent years, Canada has launched different immigration programs to attract more immigrants. In addition to traditional skilled immigration and investment immigration, there are also self-employed immigration and start-up immigration programs, and the threshold is relatively low.


Artists can choose self-employed immigration

Canadian federal self-employed immigration does not follow the literal meaning, you can immigrate purely by self-employment. Luo Liguang, the founder of Haoqiang Immigration, said, “The definition of self-employment is to earn living expenses with one’s own technology, and people who work in the fields of culture, sports, and the arts, such as athletes, directors, filmmakers, and designers of the Hong Kong team, can contribute to Canada’s economy, culture or art.”

Although self-employed immigration may seem difficult, it is not necessarily a world-class artist to emigrate. For example, freelance reporters are all self-employed, but they have to feed in different agencies. It does not state how much money the applicant needs to make, nor does it specify the amount of investment required.


Start-up immigrants need to be creative

Start-ups are creative businesses with no specified amount. The plan is entirely focused on business creativity. If applicants have their own ideas, we will help to make the whole idea more complete.

Innovative companies such as the Internet, e-commerce, data services, new media, software, smartphone applications, new logistics, innovative products, clean energy, automation, robotic applications, etc., are all areas that start-up immigrants can consider.

Although the start-up immigrant visa program does not specify the investment amount and asset requirements, it does not mean that the project is the easiest to pass. There are too many different immigration programs in Canada and the easiest one is without words. Colleagues will ask applicants to have their resumes in order to decide which program is most suitable. The consultant fee starts at approximately 20,000 to 30,000 Canadian dollars (about 120,000 to 18 Hong Kong dollars).


IELTS high score has a number

As for the Express Entry for Canadian skilled immigration, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Canada has different types of jobs and occupations. If you meet the needs of the Canadian local labour market, you can refer to the Canadian Federal Skilled Immigration Express Entry scoring table to see if your score meets the eligibility for application.