Top 10 FAQs of Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)

If you want to obtain a visa abroad, the authorities may ask you to provide a police clearance certificate. In Hong Kong, you can apply for a certificate of non-criminal record (CNCC) from the Hong Kong Police Force. But what exactly is it? how to apply? Here are 10 frequently asked questions about the certificate of no criminal record.

1. What is a non-criminal record certificate (CNCC)?

As its name suggests, the Certificate of No Criminal Record (CNCC), also commonly known as the Good People’s Certificate, is a criminal certificate proving that the person has not been convicted. Criminal record, which is an important part of obtaining visa approval, is also one of the background check documents of relevant consulates, immigration authorities and the government.

2. Who must apply for a Certificate of No Criminal Record (CNCC)?

For those who wish to study abroad or immigrate, a good citizen certificate is usually used as part of the visa application process. It must be noted that, according to the specific requirements of different countries, applicants who have been living in Hong Kong for the past ten years usually only need to provide a Hong Kong criminal record certificate. However, if the applicant has lived in other countries for a long period of time in 10 years, he may also need to apply for a certificate of no criminal record from the relevant departments of these countries. Since the good citizen certificate is used as an important index document for the background investigation, those who wish to adopt a child also need to apply for the good citizen certificate during the application process.

3. Who can/cannot apply for a certificate of non-criminal record (CNCC)?

Not everyone is eligible to apply for a certificate of no criminal record. In order to prevent the certificate from being abused, only those who hold an invitation letter issued by the consulate, immigration or government authority are eligible to apply.

4. Where can I apply?

To apply for a good citizen certificate, first, download the application form for the Certificate of No Criminal Record from the website of the Hong Kong Police Force, gather all relevant documents, and then go to the Office of the Certificate of No Criminal Record in Wan Chai to make an appointment in person.

Address: 14th Floor, Arsenal Building, Police Headquarters, No. 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (852) 2860 6558

Fax: (852) 2200 4321


5) What is the application procedure?

The application process is very simple, you only need to gather the required documents and mail them to the Office of No Criminal Record. After the person in charge receives the complete application documents and application fees, the Hong Kong Police Department will search for the applicant’s criminal conviction record data. If no criminal conviction record is found, the Office of No Criminal Record Certificate will directly send the certificate to the corresponding Consulate, immigration or government agency. The applicant will not receive a copy of the certificate to avoid improper handling. However, if a criminal conviction record is found, the applicant, the relevant consulate and the immigration bureau or government authority will receive a letter stating that the certificate cannot be issued due to the listed conviction record.


6. How long does it take to apply?

Regardless of whether a criminal conviction record is found, the entire application process takes less than 4 weeks.


7. What documents do you need to submit?

Applicants must bring the following application documents:

  • The applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card (if Hong Kong resident) or original valid travel document
  • Original completed application form
  • Signed agreement to accept the original fingerprint copy
  • Fill in the form of applicant information (only applicable to applications related to visa or permanent residency)
  • Original and photocopy of the letter issued by the relevant consulate/immigration bureau/government department (one photocopy for each applicant). The letter must contain the name of the applicant and clearly state that the consulate/immigration/government department requires the applicant’s certificate of no criminal record for approval purposes; and the mailing address of the consulate/immigration/government department Receive application results sent directly to the office by registered mail from this office.
  • Handling fee

8. How much is the application fee?

The application fee is HK$250 per person. Payment can be made by cash, Octopus card, EPS or cheque. If paying by cheque, please cross the cheque and specify “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” as the payee.


9. How long is the validity period?

A good citizen certificate is a background check during your stay in Hong Kong. So there is no reference to timeliness or expiration dates. In fact, the certificate itself only specifies the date of issuance as a reference for that time period. On the contrary, you may need to refer to the specific requirements of the applying country/region, because if you have not stayed in Hong Kong for a period of time, you may not need a good citizen certificate issued by Hong Kong.


10. How do I apply from overseas?

If it is not convenient to go to the office to process the application in person, you can also mail the information to the Non-criminal Certificate Office (full mailing address below) to submit the application, or arrange for an agent to submit the application for you, or put the application documents in the file collection box on the first floor of the office. The agent does not need a letter of authorization.

Since the application procedure for an in-person meeting includes fingerprint collection, applications sent from abroad must include a full set of original fingerprints taken and authenticated by the local police, law enforcement agency, or the consulate where you live. Please check and make sure that the document contains the name of the person performing the fingerprint identification, the full name of the police station and the official stamp, the law enforcement agency or the consulate with the fingerprint certificate, and the location and date of fingerprint collection.

If the application is in a language other than Chinese or English, the document must be accompanied by an official certificate in Chinese or English certified by the issuing agency or authorized translation service agency.


Mailing address:

14th Floor, Arsenal Building, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

“Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office”


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